Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pre-K First Day!

Today was Gracie's first day at Pre-K! She didn't qualify for the "at risk" program which is REALLY great! And because there are too many 4 year olds, she didn't qualify for the "pre-k for all" program either.(probably next year) So! She is at our local high schools pre-k program! Every one of my girls have done one year in this program. It is a great way to expose the high school students who are interested in early childhood development to pre-k'ers while exposing the pre-k'ers to many different teachers. This is all head up by the child development teacher who certainly is qualified to teach all of the pre-k'ers all by herself(they take 15 in this program)

Gracie was so excited to go to school! Here she is with her new tote!
And how is Kendell you might ask??? Well...I took this photo right after we got in the car to leave. Her reaction "where my gracie?" Have no fear, she has gotten over it ;)


Beth said...

Awww, that last picture is so sad! I can imagine Collin being like that next year. Yay for Gracie! Cute bag!!