Thursday, September 3, 2009

My first Photo Vinyl purchase!

I placed my first photo vinyl order a few days ago. I am SO excited to see it in person and show everyone the capabilities of this high quality product! We have two different photo vinyl options. The first is contour cut and the second is not cut, so it is like a regular photo, but made of re-useable vinyl. I bought a 2' x 2' of the picture below. It was only $29.95 which I think is pretty amazing considering they are taking your photo and making it into reuseable art...really a good frame costs much more than that AND that is without the photo! So this is a start. I am thinking of doing one of each girl at this stage in b & w next to each other. I think it will be a great statement AND when we move I don't have to worry about where it will will go with me when I peel it off the wall and put it back on the backing paper for storage!

Now if I could only keep the girls this small forever!


Amy B said...

Go take a look...I am excited to meet you and also that you won..

Stephen Baird said...

keeping them small is hard but ... you could try food rationing. maybe just 1 small salad a day with no dressing.
try it and see if it gets results.