Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Making it easy!

Once again Uppercase has launched a new promotion to support its demonstrators! I can't be happier! When I joined Uppercase Living as a demonstrator 19 months ago, we didn't have too many promotions. We had some pretty great ones...but they were certainly not as frequent as they are now.

Starting today not only is our brand new mini catalog launching(if you requested is in the mail), BUT if you host an Uppercase Living Party (9/15-10/15) you will automatically get a bump up in hostess credit! SWEEEEEET! This is available on regular parties OR catalog parties! I LOVE being able to get my hostesses their wish list for next to nothing! In fact the hostess that I just worked with on Sunday is receiving over $150 off her order!!! She is using her credit to buy Christmas gifts, which I am sure will certainly help out!

It is so nice to feel supported by the company that you represent!


Christin said...

HEY!! I found your blog again. ;) I've been thinking about your business...wondering if there was something in particular I'd want for our house. So I'll have to puruse the sight.

AND I wanted to tell you that I'm going to join ranks with you and become a mom of FIVE GIRLS. Hallelujah! We're thrilllllllleeeeddd! As I"m sure you know so well. ;)

Erin said...

I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!! That is such great news! How does your husband feel? I always wonder what other men feel about being the father of so many girls. I also think that God gives only certian men this many girls. He only entrustes those whom he trusts with their hearts! I am so happy for you!

There is an expression in our catalog that says "Friendship can't compare to the special bond that sisters share". Just think... we aren't just raising daughters...but we are raising SISTERS! That is something to be treasured!

Many blessings on the remainder of your pregancy...who knows...maybe someday we will both be the mothers of SIX daughters :)

Braff Zackton said...

Can't stop at six it's not prime. Your choices are 5, 7, 11, 13, or 17. Your 17th child would come with it's own television show about your family. My current favorite for the name for the show would be... The Carey Clan, Our Life With 17 Kids: We Never Go To The Movies.

Erin said...

Try - life with 5 kids: We never go to the movies... More like - life with 17 kids: we aren't allowed to Christmas anymore.

And...I didn't know you had a number obsession too...your wife has some serious issues! LOL...her ideal delivery date(IFSHEWASPREGNANT) is 3.14...maybe so that she can have pie brought to her in the hospital?