Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Adding something to our schedule!

Having 5 girls is sometimes a juggling act. These three to school, those two stay home, that one does pre-k, that one does not, those two to soccer, that one needs more art supplies, those two need a get the idea! And I am sure some of your lists are MUCH longer! I have a feeling that we have just begun this hectic go go go lifestyle! But why do parents do these things? How do they choose which activites to run to? In my opinion...that has alot to do with where your treasure lies...but that is another topic!

In an effort to provide more wholesome activities and events for our girls and to expose them to things that are "out of the livingroom" we are signing K1 and K2 up for 4H. K3 will also go and will be involved in Cloverbuds until she is 8 when she is eligable for regular 4H.

Maybe you have heard of 4H? If so, you probably think just what Sean and I did at first..."isn't 4H for farm children?"

As a short! There are so many different things that you can learn about in 4H and famliy participation is definatly needed...especially when you are working with 8 year olds! This can provide my girls with some of the things(cooking, dog training, butterflies, etc.)that they are already interested in, at a deeper level! And we are excited to get started!
Here is a link to the 4H site in case you were interested in learning more!
So my do you choose which activities/sports/programs your children participate in? Do they ask? Do you watch them to see if specific skills are present???