Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Adding something to our schedule!

Having 5 girls is sometimes a juggling act. These three to school, those two stay home, that one does pre-k, that one does not, those two to soccer, that one needs more art supplies, those two need a get the idea! And I am sure some of your lists are MUCH longer! I have a feeling that we have just begun this hectic go go go lifestyle! But why do parents do these things? How do they choose which activites to run to? In my opinion...that has alot to do with where your treasure lies...but that is another topic!

In an effort to provide more wholesome activities and events for our girls and to expose them to things that are "out of the livingroom" we are signing K1 and K2 up for 4H. K3 will also go and will be involved in Cloverbuds until she is 8 when she is eligable for regular 4H.

Maybe you have heard of 4H? If so, you probably think just what Sean and I did at first..."isn't 4H for farm children?"

As a short! There are so many different things that you can learn about in 4H and famliy participation is definatly needed...especially when you are working with 8 year olds! This can provide my girls with some of the things(cooking, dog training, butterflies, etc.)that they are already interested in, at a deeper level! And we are excited to get started!
Here is a link to the 4H site in case you were interested in learning more!
So my do you choose which activities/sports/programs your children participate in? Do they ask? Do you watch them to see if specific skills are present???

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Adventures in Odyssey- Safe, Fun and Focused!

Maybe you don't know all about Adventures in Odyssey.

Adventures in Odyssey presents original audio stories brought to life by actors who make you feel like part of the experience. These fictional, character-building dramas are created by an award-winning team that uses storytelling to teach lasting truths.

I have listened to many of these episodes and I and highly recommend them for kids ranging from 6 years on up(some of you might have exceptional 4 and 5 year olds...but mine are squirmy)

Today I stumbled upon a great website for those of you who are interested in sharing this show with your kids.

Every day they put on a different FREE story to listen to on your computer. Today's story was on manners/judgement and the seven deadly sins.

In addition to the radio show, I also purchased the series pictured above from I picked this particular one b/c the specific episodes that it features aren't ones that we are going to find on the free broadcast, AND mostly because I hope to implement the principles taught to bring Godly perspective to the every day things. Once we are done with them we would be happy to borrow them out to another family :)

Pre-K First Day!

Today was Gracie's first day at Pre-K! She didn't qualify for the "at risk" program which is REALLY great! And because there are too many 4 year olds, she didn't qualify for the "pre-k for all" program either.(probably next year) So! She is at our local high schools pre-k program! Every one of my girls have done one year in this program. It is a great way to expose the high school students who are interested in early childhood development to pre-k'ers while exposing the pre-k'ers to many different teachers. This is all head up by the child development teacher who certainly is qualified to teach all of the pre-k'ers all by herself(they take 15 in this program)

Gracie was so excited to go to school! Here she is with her new tote!
And how is Kendell you might ask??? Well...I took this photo right after we got in the car to leave. Her reaction "where my gracie?" Have no fear, she has gotten over it ;)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Photo Vinyl- Take 2!!!! :)

I GOT IT!!!!!!! What is it??? My custom photo vinyl order of course!

It is 2 feet by 2 feet and only costs $29.95! How great is that???

The quality is great! The vinyl is very durable and easy to wipe down to clean, and I can't wait to order more!

So...what do you think??? Cool? Interesting?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Small kids in the BIG league!

Kellyn and Kiara were born at 35 weeks 5 days. They were 5lbs 5oz. and 5lbs. 9oz. T-I-N-Y! In fact, Kiara went home from the hospital just three days later at 4lbs. 12 oz. This all happened in the dead of winter...crazy right? And yet I had them to church only a few short days later b/c I wanted to celebrate with those around me their long awaited birth.

They have worn slim jeans since they got into a size that "had" slim jeans! They often outgrew the height long before the waist and I was SO thankful when I discovered adjustable waists!

Last year they started playing soccer. They would run after that darn ball with everything inside of them, but did NOT have the skill to be considered "good". They did have something that the other kids didn't have though...the ability to just keep going! If you have never seen a 6-8 year old soccer game then you have no idea what I am talking about but as expected after awhile of excersize some children just s.t.o.p. They stop moving and start watching the ball go past them. My girls NEVER did that. They weren't great, but they were certainly driven to try.

By the end of last season(this spring), they had improved their skills and they got pretty darn good! I enjoyed watching their games and would call Sean if he wasn't there to tell him stuff like "they weren't afraid to kick the ball away from the other team" or "you should have seen them, they are just getting so good!". I was impressed with their ability to stick with something that didn't seem to just "comet to them" easily in the beginning of the season.

This season they have moved up a level in soccer. They are now playing with 8-10 year olds...yep 10!!!!! year olds!(why does that seem so old?) They are back to the akward feeling out stage and I am nervous that they are going to get discouraged and want to quit or not go to practice. But they won't. I know that even if they lose EVERY single game or NEVER score a goal this season, they will stick with it. And I am so very proud!

I am amazed how God teaches us through our children, and I am blessed to have been taught by my 8 year olds.

I often want to stop something because it isn't working RIGHT away. I often get discouraged, mad at myself and throw a tissy fit because well...I can! I am reminded today of those girls on a soccer field running after that ball and even though it might get kicked the other way...they turn and run after it again. Praises to HIM for this lesson of endurance!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Making it easy!

Once again Uppercase has launched a new promotion to support its demonstrators! I can't be happier! When I joined Uppercase Living as a demonstrator 19 months ago, we didn't have too many promotions. We had some pretty great ones...but they were certainly not as frequent as they are now.

Starting today not only is our brand new mini catalog launching(if you requested is in the mail), BUT if you host an Uppercase Living Party (9/15-10/15) you will automatically get a bump up in hostess credit! SWEEEEEET! This is available on regular parties OR catalog parties! I LOVE being able to get my hostesses their wish list for next to nothing! In fact the hostess that I just worked with on Sunday is receiving over $150 off her order!!! She is using her credit to buy Christmas gifts, which I am sure will certainly help out!

It is so nice to feel supported by the company that you represent!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

My first Photo Vinyl purchase!

I placed my first photo vinyl order a few days ago. I am SO excited to see it in person and show everyone the capabilities of this high quality product! We have two different photo vinyl options. The first is contour cut and the second is not cut, so it is like a regular photo, but made of re-useable vinyl. I bought a 2' x 2' of the picture below. It was only $29.95 which I think is pretty amazing considering they are taking your photo and making it into reuseable art...really a good frame costs much more than that AND that is without the photo! So this is a start. I am thinking of doing one of each girl at this stage in b & w next to each other. I think it will be a great statement AND when we move I don't have to worry about where it will will go with me when I peel it off the wall and put it back on the backing paper for storage!

Now if I could only keep the girls this small forever!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Photo Vinyl!

Check this out!!!!!