Saturday, October 31, 2009

The 5 fairies in the New Tinkerbell movies!

and the amazing nanna who loves them enough to spend MANY hours creating these awesome costumes!  Thanks Nanna!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Another Wonderful Review

Thanks so much Jess!  I am thrilled!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My new clock!!!!

Now I have NO excuse!  I must be on time!

Honestly, wasn't A product from Uppercase that intimidates me except...this new clock! 

We started selling these clock kits in August.  They are available in all 40 of our colors and include a set of working hands!  You rub the clock numbers and then mount the hands, which was what I was nervous about...the hands!  So, this afternoon I set out to give it a shot!  I figured if I got nervous or if things weren't going my way, Sean could finish the project.  BUT!!!  low and behold 15 minutes after starting I was sitting back admiring the new addition to our living room!  Keeping perfect time, I might add!

I think I should pick out a hot pink one for the girls room now!  The kids one is SUPER cute!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Made 5 of these crazy hats!

Super easy, and so fun! This was my second sewing project! (Karen Robbins took the photo!)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

New Photo Vinyl!

I think I may have a problem...I am rather addicted to our new photo vinyl!

Here is the latest photo to make it to my collection!
Photo before editing.
Finished photo vinyl for my wall in my bedroom...5 feet by 4 feet!
Here is the photo next to my 18" photo so that you can see the scale difference!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Be sure to enter this giveaway!

I think I know the demonstrator who is the "annonymous" demonstrator! ;)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Scholastic Online!

My mother passed on a children's book obsession to me. Her eyes would light up when she saw books at a garage sale and she kneeled down to rifle through the books to find the best books for the best price.

This obsession has led to MANY books. In fact probably more than one household can handle. I actually have books in plastic bins that my children have *never* laid their eyes on. Obsessive much?

Well my obsession has been fed yet again! This year when Kiara came home with a cursive worksheet, I checked the worksheet to see where it came from(which publisher). It was a scholastic workbook so I quickly went on the scholastic website to see if I could get her another workbook to have at home. I was so pleased to learn that you can now order your monthly scholastic book orders online! They still ship to the teacher and the teacher gets the credit from your order to supply the classroom with more books! Talk about a win/win situation!

In addition to being able to order from your monthly sheets, you can also see over 500 other titles to add to your order. The great thing about this is that you can now get pre-k books even though your pre-k child isn't in school OR you can surf the clearance section for the $1 books! And there is no shipping fee!

The only catch- your teacher has to sign up to allow you to order online(you need a username and password from the teacher), but when they do they get an extra book for EVERY online order that you make!

So, if you are obsessed like me...or looking for something specific be sure to check out the scholastic site! And if you don't get book orders but would like me to add something to our list, I would be more than happy!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fuel your Morning!

I am really bad at eating breakfast. I mean...I don't think I ate A breakfast during my high school years, and if I did it was probably at a local restaurant NOT something that I figured out on my own.

Well...I am a big girl now(in more ways than one!) and am figuring out what works and doesn't work to help me feel full and know that I am providing the nourishment that my body needs to keep up with my family, business and endless stacks of laundry! is my steel cut oat recipe(I make a big batch so that I can refrigerate)

-6 cups water
-2 cups milk(I use 2% because its what we have in the house)
-2 tsp. olive oil
-pinch of salt
-2 cups steel cut oats
-1/4 cup brown sugar
-8 Tbsp. flax seeds(this might be major over kill and can certainly be omitted)
-cinammon to taste

1. Pour water and milk into a big pot on the stove. Add the oil to the water and milk so that the oats don't get too sticky.

2. Turn heat up and wait for a boil. When boiling add the oats, flax seeds and pinch of salt, stir and turn the heat down to low to simmer.

3. Stir the pot every once and a while until you get the consistancy that you like(I like mine pretty thick and it takes about 20 minutes on low) Add the cinnamon to taste.

4. Remove from heat and pack it up for storage(I keep mine in a plastic container with lid in my fridge)

-You can add anything else that you want. These are great with raisins or nuts and you can certainly use brown sugar splenda if you prefer to save the calories.

*If you use my recipe your serving size is 1 cup and you should have enough for more than 8 days. 1 cup = 6 points.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Biggest Loser!

Sean that is! Ever since he found a med that actually takes his pain away he has been un-stop-able! He is swimming, rock climbing, running, biking, lifting weights and...nagging me! LOL! I am super proud of him and his desire to get healthy again!

He recently joined the "Biggest Loser" competition at Premier Fitness in Algonquin. Premier Fitness is a personal trainer type gym where you go to get one on one help. They opened up this biggest loser competition and I signed up...when Sean found out that the med that he was put on actually took his pain away, I traded my spot for his(I can do this at home, and wanted him to have something of his own). There are prizes for the participants who are in the top three percentages lost and for team loss(they grouped them up).

This week he lost 4.06% of his starting weight and I lost 3.55%. It has been fun sharing in this loss and gathering information that we think is helpful for both of us!

Friday, October 2, 2009


Finding out that Chicago was in the running for the Olympics was so first. But today I am releived that we didn't get it. Especially considering our new presidents wishy washy view on terrorism and protecting our country from it. So...maybe you are bummed, but be thankful that this alarming event will not be occuring in our backyard.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Fall Chicagoland!

Here is a list of the available events for October throughout Chicagoland. We don't do haunted houses but figured I would post the entire list! Happy Fall Everyone!

Johansen Farms & Children's Zoo Festival
9/15 - 10/31
710 W. Boughton Road, Bolingbrook

Didier Farms
9/19 - 10/31
16678 W. Aptakisic Road, Prairie View-Lincolnshire

Sonny Acres Farm Fall Festival
9/19 - 10/31
29W310 North Ave (Rt 64), West Chicago

Shades of Autumn
9/26 - 11/1
Stade's Farm & Market, 3709 Miller Road, McHenry

Dungeon & Labyrinth of Doom
9/25 - 10/31
2701 Deborah Avenue, Zion

Dream Reapers Haunted House
9/25 - 10/31
1945 Cornell Street, Melrose Park

X-treme Hauntings Haunted House
9/25 - 10/31
76 Honing Road, Fox Lake

The Children's Farm Fall Festival
12700 Southwest Highway, Palos Park

Sweet Dreams Haunted House
9/25 - 10/31
Fun Time Square, 11901 S. Cicero Ave, Alsip

Bengston's Pumpkin Fest
9/26 - 10/31
13341 W. 151st Street, Homer-Glen

Dollinger Family Farm
9/26 - 10/31
7502 E. Hansel Road, Channahon

Goebbert's Farm & Garden Center
9/26 - 10/31
40 W. Higgins Road, South Barrington

Goebbert's Pumpkin Patch
9/26 - 10/31
Route 47 & Reinking Road, Hampshire

Tom’s Farm Market Fall Festival
9/26 - 10/31
10214 Algonquin Road, Huntley

Siegel's Cottonwood Farm
9/26 - 11/1
17250 Weber Road, Crest Hill

Raven's Grin Inn
9/28 - 11/1
411 N. Carroll Street, Mount Carroll

10/1 - 10/31
Daley Plaza, 50 W. Washington, Chicago

The Children’s Farm Pumpkin Patch
10/1 - 10/31
12700 Southwest Highway, Palos Park

Franken Plaza
10/1 - 10/31
Daley Plaza, 50 W. Washington, Chicago

Diane Ladley's Historic Ghost Tours
10/1 - 11/15
Quigley's Irish Pub, 42 E. Jefferson Street, Naperville

Eleventh Hour Haunted House
10/2 - 10/31
Bertholds Garden Center, 434 Devon, Elk Grove Village

The Fear Haunted House
10/2 - 11/1
Navy Pier, 600 E Grand Ave, Chicago

Apple Festival
10/2 - 10/4
Long Grove (Routes 53 and 83)

Ghost Tours of Naperville with Kevin Frantz
10/2 - 10/31
Central Park, 36 S. Washington Street, Naperville

Lambs Farm Haunted Harvest
10/2 - 10/31
14245 W. Rockland Road, Libertyville

Ditka Haunted Mansion and The Asylum 13
10/2 - 10/31
730 N. Bolingbrook Drive, Bolingbrook

Richardson Corn Maze
10/2 - 10/31
9407 Richardson Road, Spring Grove

2009 Oktoberfest Celebration
Vernon Hills Metra Station, 75 Route 45, Vernon Hills

Chicago Country Music Festival
10/3 - 10/4
Grant Park, Jackson Blvd & Columbus Drive, Chicago

City of Chicago Halloween Activities
10/3 - 10/31
Chicago Parks, see website or call for location near you

Fright Fest at Six Flagst
10/3 - 11/1
Six Flags Great America, 542 N Route 21, Gurnee

Lombard Jaycees Haunted House
10/8 - 10/31
email for info
1000 N. Rowhling Road, Lombard

Crypts of Campana, A Factory of Fear
10/9 - 10/31
email for info
901 N. Batavia Avenue, Batavia

Scarecrow Festival
10/9 - 10/11
Downtown St. Charles

Autumn On the Fox Art and Craft Show
10/9 - 10/11
Pottawatomie Park, 8 North Avenue, St. Charles

Scream Scene
10/9 - 10/31
Oakton Park, 4701 Oakton Street, Skokie

Trail of Scream & Fear Asylum
10/9 - 11/1
1006 W. Lincoln Avenue, Belvidere

Screamatorium & Fear Fest
10/9 - 11/1
6512 Manchester Road, South Beloit

Fall Fest & Adventure Race
William E. Brook Bandshell, Downtown Antioch

Pumpkin Trolley
10/10 - 10/18
Fox River Trolley Museum, 365 S. LaFox, South Elgin

Haunt 31
10/10 - 10/31
340 S. Annandale Drive, Lake in the Hills

St. Pat's Haunted High School
10/11 - 10/31
Aquinas Catholic Academy, 366 E. Hickory, Kankakee

Brookfield Jaycees Haunted House
10/15 - 10/31
Jaycee Ehlert Park, 4315 Park Ave, Brookfield

Haunted Halloween Happening
Aldrin Community Center, 391 Illini Drive, Carol Stream

The Hair Razor Maze
10/16 - 10/31
St. Thecla Church, 6725 W. Devon Ave, Chicago

Gallery of Ghoulish Homes Tour
10/16 - 10/31
Citywide event, 8 North Avenue, St. Charles

St. Matthew Haunted House
10/16 - 10/31
24500 N. Old McHenry Road, Hawthorn Woods

Fall Family Fun Fest
Village Hall, 2 Lagoon Drive, Hawthorne Woods

10/17 - 10/18
Historic Village, Route 59 & 83, Long Grove

Midnight Circus
10/23 - 10/31
Daley Plaza, 50 W. Washington, Chicago

Haunting in the Valley
10/23 - 10/24
Spring Valley, 1111 E. Schaumburg Road, Schaumburg

Order of the Arrow's Haunted Hike
10/23 - 10/24
Methodist Campground, 2000 E. Algonquin Road, Des Plaines

20th District Haunted House
10/23 - 10/25
CPD 20th District, 5400 N. Lincoln Avenue, Chicago

Halloween Happening Parade
150 N. State Street, Chicago

Haunted Trolley
10/30 - 10/31
Fox River Trolley Museum, 365 S. LaFox, South Elgin