Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Scholastic Online!

My mother passed on a children's book obsession to me. Her eyes would light up when she saw books at a garage sale and she kneeled down to rifle through the books to find the best books for the best price.

This obsession has led to MANY books. In fact probably more than one household can handle. I actually have books in plastic bins that my children have *never* laid their eyes on. Obsessive much?

Well my obsession has been fed yet again! This year when Kiara came home with a cursive worksheet, I checked the worksheet to see where it came from(which publisher). It was a scholastic workbook so I quickly went on the scholastic website to see if I could get her another workbook to have at home. I was so pleased to learn that you can now order your monthly scholastic book orders online! They still ship to the teacher and the teacher gets the credit from your order to supply the classroom with more books! Talk about a win/win situation!

In addition to being able to order from your monthly sheets, you can also see over 500 other titles to add to your order. The great thing about this is that you can now get pre-k books even though your pre-k child isn't in school OR you can surf the clearance section for the $1 books! And there is no shipping fee!

The only catch- your teacher has to sign up to allow you to order online(you need a username and password from the teacher), but when they do they get an extra book for EVERY online order that you make!

So, if you are obsessed like me...or looking for something specific be sure to check out the scholastic site! And if you don't get book orders but would like me to add something to our list, I would be more than happy!