Friday, April 3, 2009

Weekly {{{wrap}}} U P !

This week was back to school week for the kids as spring break came to a close last week. They like being at home but enjoy being at school{especially Kyla}. We are blessed to have teachers that not only enjoy teaching but enjoy our girls.

On Tuesday I packed up the baby team and we headed over to April's so that they could meet baby Tayler! It was very interesting to see how my girls interacted with the baby. After we were done I went to our family photographers house for her frame/proofs sale! It was AWESOME! Great deals on something that I really needed! I have lots of pictures...but not alot of frames!

This week also ended the month of March which meant that my monthly sales were due and it was the end of the quarter so everyone was putting sales through...which made things S L O W ! I was very releaved to get my last order in so that those customers were able to take advantage of the March specials.

I also pumped out two different newsletters and worked on Thursday night. I don't know how to explain how blessed I feel because I haven't seen a drop off due to the economic trend. Its a very strange feeling for us. And I don't want to call it "security" because I was always secure. God hasn't changed. He isn't better to us because we have steady work. He has always been good. And in fact, I think that you have to work harder to find him when things are going well. So...I am trying. It is TOO easy for me to fall back and relax in my relationship with God.

So, tonight we have the Olson fun fair. There is about 90 items for the silent auctions and 45 for the raffles. The raffle includes the classroom baskets. They are pretty great! The teacher picks a theme from a list(movie time, pet care, a beach day, etc.)and then sends a letter home to the parents asking them to donate something from the theme towards the classroom basket. Kiara's basket was "chocolate lovers" and Kellyn's basket was "loves to read" and I have heard that all the baskets are HUGE!!! Exciting!


Stephen Baird said...

kendall has this ... i really don't like the half-nelson look on her face

Erin said...

Dad...its kendEll. Not Kendall. Jeez...she is almost 2.

Stephen Baird said...

yeah and i'm almost 70

Stephen Baird said...

yeah and maybe if you didnt have babies like rabbits ... i wouldn't have to remember "i before e except after c"

Stephen Baird said...

and if her birthday is that soon ... can i call her candle carey

Stephen Baird said...

oh yeah and speaking of names ... your daughter giving the half nelson in this photo ... was called kierstin keistan keircy kurstin and everything else till one day i am sitting at the kitchen table and some keeps hollering "gray C" and i thought you had another kid