Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The chalk wall is here!!!

I got my chalk wall in the mail today. We will start selling them in kits(office, kitchen, and playroom) for $19.95 from April 13th-May11th. These are some pictures of mine which I put on my back splash above my sink.

All kits come with chalk wall, expressions to put on chalk wall, chalk and detailed instructions.(You will notice there IS NOT a front sheet on top of the chalk wall. It is a bit heavier therefore does not need a front sheet)

Here it is after the first piece was applied(chalkwall).

This is how you mark out where you want to put your expression on top of the chalkwall. Kinda handy that they give you the chalk!

Ta-Da!!!!! Finished product!

If you want to see this and other products check out my website. Chalkwall won't be available until April 13th!


Beth said...

That's cool!

Erin said...

Oh yeah...I should have is level, my hand wasn't! :)

Stephen Baird said...

i have one of those things hanging on the wall of the back of my inner skull.
1. don't answer phone
2. don't watch tv
3. don't get caught in public places
4. don't listen to the music of "abba"

Kristen said...

So cool, what a great idea!


Anna said...

Ok, gotta have one. So much cheaper than my magnetic/chalkboard, full-wall, paint project. One day I will tackle it again, but since it's so expensive, this is the next best thing!!!!

Erin said...

Yeah, I agree. Just the paint alone to do the chalk wall is too much! And...I like that it looks a bit more finished because of the wording. The playroom one is really fun too!!! Ane there is a kitchen one with Menu wording.

I think these will sell like hotcakes!!!

Anna said...

Menu wording...seriously??? I am sooo excited. The boys really love having the dinner menu posted.

I clearly need to have a party, because I'm probably going to be wanting three and I really do not have sixty bucks laying around. ;)