Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A pearl of great price

I don't know how many of you know about this site but I feel compelled to tell you about it. I happened upon it after searching through some blogs about trisomy 18. I would much rather prefer that our friend was carrying a healthy baby girl, but unfortunatly baby Olivia has challenges that only a miracle would solve. Our God is faithful and I am cleaving to the fact that his word says that HE has a plan and it is for GOOD.

So in the interium I found this site.------>HERE

It was the only website that I could find that offered help to those who choose to follow God's plan for their babies lives.

Apparently those who choose to carry a baby with less than perfect odds of being "perfect" are rare. I pray specifically for those of you who have chosen to do the right thing. I pray that God covers your choice with his love and comforts you with his Holy hand. And I pray above all that you never lose hope. That you know that God can choose to heal your babies but can also choose to heal them by bring them to himself. Oh what a day! When you can see your babies fully healed! When you can hold them in your arms and know that the Lord and Creator has restored what was once held within you.

So this is why I choose to tithe to string of pearls. I tithe to them in the name of baby Olivia. Without her...I wouldn't have a clue that such an organization existed. Blessings to you!


Shannon said...

Here are some other great websites:
Be Not AfraidPrenatal Partners For LifeLiving With Trisomy 13 (very similar physical challenges as T18 babies)