Saturday, January 9, 2010

Week 1 - Check

I am done with week 1 "training".  Give me a break right??? Most of you could get off the couch onto the treadmill and handle this workout.  But I figure I had to start somewhere!  And I don't want to get burned out so, I just stuck with the plan and finished those three running workouts and then added an elliptical and resistance workout as well.

I do plan on running while on the boat, and from what I have read there are plenty of treadmills and beautiful scenery out the windows! 

I have to be honest...I was pretty proud of myself getting the kids out twice this week(all 5)while Sean has been gone.  It isn't easy to take 5 kids anywhere much less to the gym.  They behaved perfectly and I am pretty glad they did! 

Next week I up my length of runs.  At this point the time is more like a mind game than anything else so if I psych myself out, I will be fine!  And...I didn't have any music in my ears this week.  I need to charge the ipod(ok...more like find the charge cord), or borrow seans sweet itouch.(if I can get it out of his grubby paws)

Until then...rock it out sistas!


Jamie said...

Good job! Sticking with it is 1/2 the battle. I hate running without music or at least the tv on the treadmill, so that deserves another good job!

Erin said...

Thanks Jamie! I read while running so that was a good distraction.