Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day #2 of training...

Yep, it Thursday...and it is SNOWING...not only is it snowing but it is a snow day!  4 of my children are out playing in the snow at the moment.

So this brings me to point 1 of my workout pitfalls.

I don't get to the gym because I have to tote 5 kids with.  Now this isn't really typically the case.  When I like to go to the gym I usually have either 1 or 2 children because the other three are in school.  Fine...perfect, that works!  BUT WAIT!!!!  How about summer's, breaks and...snowdays!  Not too mention that when it is really cold out I feel bad dragging the littles out for something that I often feel is a priveledge(me being able to work out). 

Isn't that crazy?  Isn't this a bad excuse?  Didn't you think that I was better at this parenting 5 kids thing than this post would lead you to believe???

So, for those of you who don't have this problem...I want your advice!  I know the whole "just do it" attitude and that it is "better for me", but when the rubber hits the road sometimes it is just easier to stay home.

What do you think?

**edited to add - I am still planning on getting to the gym tonight and am NOT giving up...nor will I.  When I set a goal, I am really good about seeing it through.  It's after I am done with the goal that things change.


Erin said...

I went. Thanks to my sister(who won't be around forever). I did 3run 3 walk 4 times. Then I stretched, and did full sit ups with the medicine ball. I am sore from some squats(now doesn't that sound pretty) and lunges but not bad enough to slow me down.

The third run was the easiest, and I think it was because I was warm. I did the last run a bit faster so that was probably the hardest, but I didn't quit :)