Thursday, January 28, 2010

St.Thomas - A week ago today!

Wowza!  It is FREEZING outside!  Only the kind of freezing that you get in January in Illinois...the stuff that we talk about every year.  F-R-I-G-I-D!!!!!  Which is why I had to tell you from the get go that there is heat somewhere!  It is becomming unbelieveable again.  The funny thing is that the first 48 hours of our trip Sean and I probably told each other that we couldn't believe the heat...a thousand times.  It is just unbelieveable(remember...I don't vacation)

So, a week ago today(Thursday) we docked in St.Thomas(U.S. Virgin Islands) and had a great day!  This port is known as a huge shopping port and especially known for its jewelry stores.  It was hard to find a store that wasn't selling jewelry.  It is a beautiful area.  And although the taxi cabs are insane and the drivers are mostly sane, they don't take too much away from the scenery.  There were more lizards basking on the rocks on our port.  I think they probably stay because the restaurants in that area feed them, and the rocks offer them a good source of warmth...because you can't imagine that they are laying there to "human watch".  They typically wouldn't want to be bothered...but they were pretty lazy. 

We did a barefoot sail and snorkel ride on the Kekoa which is a self made catamaran.  It was a great ride and the men who were sailing the boat actually put the boat together themselves.  They also build tree houses and seem very knowledgeable about their trade.  Something to certainly be admired...not to mention that they are brothers, which I think is great! 

The snorkel is great but takes some getting used to.  If you are a natural swimmer like my husband, then you are going to take to this quite well.  It doesn't take alot of skill and pretty quickly you can get all the skill that you need to enjoy the scenery.  If you are like myself, more of a land dweller...this might take a bit longer.  I actually found that if I held my mouthpiece in, I felt better.  I think it was the whole "getting over breathing while in the water" thing.  I keep trying to hold my breath which obviously...not smart.  So, I figured it out and before I knew it the hour of snorkel was over.