Friday, November 20, 2009

Update, prayer and a thought...

Yep!  I did it again!  Got too caught up in the here and now to update the blog!  Sorry!  I promise there wasn't anything TOO interesting..(oh yeah except needing stitches b/c I slammed my head in the van right?)  This is the busy season at work(but so is February so who knows!), and I have 15 parties this month.  I am thrilled with the work, customers and extra commission check on the 10th of December!  I am looking at another $1000 just in an extra check!  Enough about that.

There are things going on with our house.  As some of you know the landlord here is in the process of foreclosure.  This has been a difficult transition for me(at least mentally).  I was pretty angry that even though we faithfully paid our rent on time, the landlord CHOSE to drink our money.  I go back and forth in my mind between being angry with his feeling sorry for him because of his alcholism and being angry because I was taking the choice pretty personally. make a long story short, we have the opportunity to buy our side of the house and we ask that you join us in prayer for God's will to be played out in this transaction.  If God were to answer every prayer we have we would have my grandma on the other side of our wall(we live in a duplex) and us in ours so that we can finish the basement, make some improvements and work towards paying off our mortgage.  I think there could be some major bumps along the way(short sale bumps) but God has never let us down and I am resting in that truth!

Yesterday for the very first time EVER I thought about going back to school.  I was at Kyla's 1st grade musical and noticed that there were about 8 children on the stage who had 1 on 1 aides by their side or at least close by.  I was shocked...8 kids!  That seems like an awful lot of 1st graders who have special needs!  In fact, please tell me if you can think of 8 children in your graduating class who had special needs...because I can't.  And so the shocking part was that I first felt SO grateful that we don't face some of the challenges that those parents face.  I can't imagine how difficult that must be.  And second I actually felt a great deal of compassion for those who are willing to work with these students every day.  They are standing in the gap for the parents, and so I have been thinking about becomming a teacher, maybe an aide...I don't know.  I think I might go to the principal about it to find out exactly what would be required for certain jobs.  So...anyways...that was my "thought".  I am working out the kinks in my mind.  I am honestly too lazy to want to go back to school despite the fact that I know that I would kick a$$.  We will see...maybe this is a new journey for me. other news, Sean is getting his pain block for his ankle!!!  This is HUGE!  It could mean permenent relief in his ankle!  Oh yeah...and he is down 30 pounds and is in 2nd place in the biggest loser competition!  He is just as annoying :) as he was when I met him! 

so...if you are still reading you deserve an award!  This was a rambling post...sorry!