Sunday, November 22, 2009

Step 1 - Making an offer on the whole house

Today an offer was made on the whole house(duplex).  I would be lying if I said that I wasn't completely nervous about the whole thing...actually...I go from resting in His promises to stressing over the details pretty quickly...maybe it is time to refill the welbutrin...

I think I would like to document this process.  If for no one else but myself.  Like some prayer journals, I like to look back on different documents, pictures, journals to see "where I was" then compared to NOW.  There is a common theme in all of these cases...and that is that God was there.  He was there and even though I often feel like I am standing up all alone being punished for mistakes that I know that I have been forgiven for, HE IS HERE!  And again...back and forth, back and forth in my head.  Stress vs. Peace.  Seems to be a common theme in my life.

Please join us in prayer that this short sale process goes smoothly.  I know that this could potentially take forever to get the banks approval and everything else in order so I am not feeling rushed by any means.  I mean...this is going to be the easiest move ever ;) AND in the end, Nana will be in the other unit!!!!  If that wasn't a God move, I don't know what is!