Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I saw this site on facebook(thanks Molly!)and had to try it out! is a website that sells household items.  Garbage bags, laundry soap, nail polish remover, and SO much more!  I thought I would search the site and see just how much it would cost to get the things that I knew we needed for the rest of this month.  I bought 21 items and it cost me $48.89.  My items included some larger quantity things(toilet paper, paper towels) and some things that I bought specifically the brand that I was used to(toilet bowl cleaner, laundry soap), so I think that overall the cost was VERY comparable to Walmart if not better.  Granted, you could certainly get some of these items when they are on sale and the price would probably be lower, but the great thing about Alice is that they apply any existing web coupons that they have found to items in your cart!  There are also great clearances and items that they have put on sale as well. 

After placing my first purchase yesterday morning and receiving the box this afternoon with ALWAYS FREE SHIPPING(29 pound box mind you!), I decided to look again today for coffee and fake sugar(aka splenda) and was thrilled to find coffee on clearance!!!!  I also found crystal light on clearance! 

My only complaint is that I didn't go through a referral.  If I had I would have scored a $10 credit on my future purchase.  I wish I had known that!  So if you are interested in checking this awesome site out, please feel free to use my referral to get your $10 credit.

And if you have questions please let me know!