Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What's done is done! Happy July 1st!

Our Uppercase Living "year" is officially over! I earned cruise which is the companies highest honor and don't know yet if I am within the top 5 who get the upgrade yet. We will see.

Today starts a new year! I am SO excited to have a new catalog coming out in a few short weeks and can't wait to start getting my display items purchased so I can change out my "box".

I am also SO excited to go to Anaheim in a few weeks. Sean and I will be heading out the last week in July so that I can go to UL convention and he can hit the beaches! I get the opportunity to go to a leadership dinner inside Disney and bring Sean to the awards evening. There is training, projects, and awards to be had and I am SO excited!

So...I will be starting a new ticker for this year. I don't even know where the cruise will be in 2011 but I will be earning it!!!! The challenge is to earn it PRIOR to my earn date this year of May 27th. That will be tricky but...not un-manageable!