Sunday, July 5, 2009

Garden Update July 5th

Here are a few updated photos from our garden. I am thrilled with the growth and have already enjoyed our lettuce greens many times! If you don't plant should! It replenishes over and over and is very easy to grow. Plus you can pretty much layer the plants really tight together and they still thrive. I don't think that I will grow cucumbers next year. There is somthing eating the leaves and it is rather frustrating...and the dill that I was hoping would a weed has also been eaten. Grrrrrrrr.... oh well. I can't complain b/c there are so many wonderful things growing!

My very first snap pea of the season...I am hoping for MANY more!

Beets, Salad greens, and the vine is a pumpkin plant

Our herbs have grown!

Zuchinni, and the pumpkins are running over the side and into the yard.

The tomatoes have taken over this area!