Thursday, July 9, 2009

For those who have gone before us...

buying a house. I would love to hear that you made it through with no stress...but I am guessing that if you are human, there was at least a little stress!

I am walking a line between being secure in God's provision for our lives and being petrified of this process. One side is side is anxiety driven! I am not kidding...PETRIFIED!

It would help to know that we had an unlimited amount of time in the house that we are in now...but that isn't the case. Our landlord is going to let our house go into forcloseure.(sp?) because to put it nicely...he is an alcholic whose wife has left him and has basically lost just about everything. It is a hard situation. I am trying to not be angry about it. We have been loyal to our landlord. We have never been late on a rent check and to find out that he has decided to "drink" our money is sad. His life hangs in the balance and although I am pretty angry at the situation, I pray that he will seek God for a greater direction in his life.

So...we ask for prayer. I know that buying a house isn't really a catastrophic problem. It doesn't even rank when it comes to the blessings that we have in our life. Our children are healthy, we both have jobs, we are striving to improve our marriage on a daily basis and we have God at the center of our lives and of our home. So...where is he going to be the center? We pray that it is the house that we are interested in. We pray that the plan includes the house that we think would be perfect for our family.

And we rest in the fact that he has said that he has a plan and it is for good. Not to harm.


Anna said...

Okay, so I won't's one of the most stressful things I've been through aside from crap with Kyle. However, we did have not so common circumstances and in hindsight I truly miss "the process".

I don't think you will have the same issues we had. First of all, we were on a strict budget because of child support and court debt and me staying home. Second of all, our landlord literally gave us a month to find a house so we had to move in with my parents. Third, God let the process draw out for months, through many million showings, because he was waiting for the perfect timing, not only for our house to come on the market, but for the price to drop to our budget.

So was it stressful, totally! Was it one of the most exciting times of our lives, absolutely! Did God work it all out in His time and His way, He always does!

We had many bumps in the road, many delays, lost a house or two. In hindsight, I can see he was waiting for THIS house. Five bedrooms and bigger than I ever would have imagined us affording, He must have a big family in our future and he knew we needed to wait for this house which conveniently fit into the bottom of our budget (900 dollar mortgage, ssshhhh) God is good. Don't worry. And enjoy it, there is something so thrilling about going into houses and never knowing what you're going to get, the possiblities are endless. Enjoy!!! Not to mention, Mollie rocks and she'll work it all out!

Peaceful Chaoz said...

What she said ;0)

Really there is stress because its change, totally normal, don't know anyone (since I don't know any millionaires) that hasn't been at least a little stressed in this process. And when you go to write that first mortgage payment you might feel like your having a heart attack, but then you'll look around at the house that is becoming home and you'll know its right! Will be praying for you all on this journey. How Exciting!! :0)