Sunday, January 18, 2009

Slim down Sunday-Week 3

This was a GREAT week numbers wise!

35 was the number of weekly points I ate this week.
23 was the number of daily points I ate each day.
0 was the number of times I worried about eating all my points and...
3.2 was the number of pounds I lost!!!!!

Thus proving(so far) that if you eat all your points you have better results! I didn't believe it when my favorite leader said it but I gave it a shot anyways(come on...guiltless points...I AM IN!)and it worked quite well!

I am still NOT motivated to work out. I am not sure if it is due to the extreme cold, lack of daylight or lazyness but just so you know...still not doing it! I will let you know if this changes or if I even think about working out. At the moment I am thinking alot about how crazy busy I am going to be in February with work and how excited I am to get back out to show everyone this new catalog and great new promotions! And it doesn't hurt that I am going to earn MANY cruise points!!!

So, I am off. The dog is doing GREAT with his litter training! He has actually been going to the box to potty all afternoon! GREAT PROGRESS!!!


Rebecca said...

Great results! WHOOT! WHOOT! I love being able to lose weight without exercising :>) although I realize the importance. I always thought that I lost better when I ate most of my weeklies too.

Don't stress about February. Keep moving forward.