Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Letter to K1's class

Kellyn is the "star of the week" next week and part of being star allows us to write a letter that will be read out loud to her class on Tuesday. This is my letter.

To class:

I am so honored to get the opportunity to tell you about our Kellyn!

Kellyn is our first born daughter by just 7 minutes! She was born at 8:06am on January 16, 2001. Even when I was pregnant with her I knew that she was going to be high spirited and full of energy! She loved to move, wiggle and occasionally kick her twin, Kiara. Kellyn wasn’t supposed to be born first but inched her way into position and was born first!

Kellyn is the natural leader of our daughters. Kellyn and I share the privilege and sometimes downfalls that comes with being born first. She has a love of learning and shows a certain empathy that is enviable. When I see her reading, learning or asking questions about different subjects, I just know that she is destined for greatness!

And to my dear Kellyn,

May you continue to show us just who you are as your natural personality develops more and more each day. Never forget that we will love you no matter what and that we value you in our family. God gave me you as a gift, and I will never forget the first time I laid eyes on you. I finally knew why I was born.

And although I am sure you are crying by now, one last thing I want you to remember. Someday when you are older we probably won’t get along all that well, but never forget that you are loved not only by your parents and family but by God himself who made you and knew you before you were born.

We love you baby girl! Don’t grow up too fast!

Mom and Dad XOXO


Hollie said...

Great letter! It made me cry... and I'm at work! Thanks!

Erin said...

Do you think it is too "sappy" for her class???

Hollie said...

No way... she'll love it!

Gram said...

How wonderful to be so cherished!

That is the message this send, and her childhood is valuable, not something through which to rush!

Great job, Erin!

Peaceful Chaoz said...

Very Sweet!

I love that her teacher has you all do that!! :0)