Tuesday, January 20, 2009

And on this day...

Do you remember where you were when Princess Diana died? How about September 11th?

Today will be one of those days for many Americans.

My girls came home with such excitement from what I thought would be a normal day of school. They told me that they got to watch the inaugration(sp?) on tv and one of them even had a child in their class who was invited and in attendance at our nations capital.(I am sure with his parents...who are doctors).

They are so excited..

So I got to wondering why they had such vigor(trying not to burst their bubble). They simply stated "because he is black". Ahh HA! I am glad that they are excited that we have an African American president because that means that they understand a bit of what we were talking about yesterday(segregation, slavery, Martin Luther King Jr. etc). That's all they know. That this was a day in history and I am ok with that.

I think that it is our duty as conservative Christian parents to support our country in a way that displays to our children just how precious our freedom is. This is not a time to point out flaws. I am sure there will be days for that and I am hesitant to even allow them to be excited when I know in the days to come our President will more than likely make choices that aren't Godly.

So I ask this again and encourage you to write it down and even take a picture for your kids. Will you remember what you were doing today, on this very historic day?


Gram said...

Wow..I like this new look. I like your changes. This looks good. I don't remember to check blogs regularly, but I love seeing the up to the minute pictures, etc. And know the projects people are working on. And the things that touch your heart! Erin, I am working on getting some pounds moved after a couple pretty sedentary months!! Got get shifting again. It won't be long until I move! Hugs!

Erin said...

Move NOW!!!! :)