Thursday, March 4, 2010

Three Things Thursday...ok I am a copycat

1. Words I am sure you never thought I would write...I am tired of working!  I love UL, love our products, love my customers but I am tired.  I have 14 parties to close this month and it seems that everyone in our house is having surgery.  I actually have to work the night of one of those surgeries and I am rather heartbroken that I have a prior commitment.

2.  I officially hate ISAT's.  I think that schools put undue pressure on our children, teachers and quite  I don't like being told that I "should make sure my kids have a good night of sleep", or "are well fed in the morning".  Jeesh!  DUH!  Why is this week more important to their education than the other weeks? 

3. If I had a day off this weekend I would be doing TONS of house stuff.  Painting the rec room, planting my seedlings, re-arranging, cleaning...etc.  I am actually bummed out that these things are being put on the back burner.


Lis Nol said...

Bravo, I do agree the education system does but a lot of pressure on our children.