Monday, June 29, 2009

Update on Sean's ankle.

Those of you who know us "in real life" know that Sean(my husband) has been injured and in pain for three years now. He is a tower climber who tore a ligament when he was climbing a tricky tower. We have been through so pretty hard things together but I think this has been the worst trial for him. We didn't "lawyer up" because we knew that he wasn't lying about the pain that he was in and the injuries that he had(he was in a cast in the beginning). forward to today. The workers comp. case is still tied up with the lawyers and Sean's ankle has become even less stable. He decided to just go to a doctor on our insurance after he fell numerous times in one day. He saw that doctor today AND GOOD NEWS!!!!!! We think that there is now a reliable plan to get his pain under control and hopefully the surgery needed will be minimal.

Please continue to pray for Sean. He will be trying physical therapy as a first step towards the scope surgery. We are fairly certain that the physical therapy will NOT bring much relief. He has had physical therapy after getting his cast off and it didn't make any major pain changes. He is hoping the process towards surgery will not take long.

We so appreciate all of you who have asked and have prayed for us during this time. It is so difficult to see him in pain on a daily basis and wondering just how much ibuprofen is safe for an adult male to take.

Thank you!


Peaceful Chaoz said...

yep know exactly what you all are going through! Will be praying!