Monday, June 8, 2009

Update 6/8/09

Hello Everyone!

I apoligize for my absence. There is alot going on here lately and I haven't been able to keep up with the blog. So...just to fill you in on a few things.

The big girls are almost done with school(they are done on Thursday). They will be starting their summer schedule on Friday and all three of them will be going to the playground program starting on the 22nd. They are pretty excited!

Kellyn and Kiara just finished soccer last Saturday. We are so proud of them! This was their first year and they had made such improvement from the beginning of the year! We are looking for soccer camps for the summer(just to complicate life right???) to supplement their fall/spring season.

My grandma has moved to Woodstock and is actually literally about 50 feet from my door! It has been nice to be able to walk over and talk with her from time to time. She has also started her job at a dimensia care center in McHenry. God has provided for her and we are thankful!

Sean is in alot of pain lately. Please pray for him. He is discouraged by the process that we are still in for his ankle. We would also appreciate prayer for a company that Sean wants to start. He will stay with his current company AND start the new company. This would be a HUGE supplement to our income and blessing to our family. He needs some guidance with the steps that it takes to start a company by himself, which I am praying for.

I have been pretty busy with Uppercase. I feel very blessed to have earned my FREE cruise! There are typically only about 50 people in the entire company who earn it and to have been #6 is a true sign of God's blessing in our lives. I love selling UL and can't wait to enjoy the reward for the hard work. In addition to my UL schedule, I have been busy in the garden(I will post pictures soon), working out in the rec, and started with a new small group. I have also finished up my marketday for the year and resigned from my vice presidency for the PTO at Olson. I will still continue to go to meetings and chair marketday and the fall fundraiser, but I didn't think it would be a good idea to commit to another year as an officer.

Sean and I went to see houses on Saturday and are both pretty in love with one of them. I would REALLY appreciate prayer in this for us. I am scared to death and actually sick to my stomach about this process and need to know that God is in our decision.(if that makes sense)

I think that is about it...have a great week!!!!