Thursday, February 12, 2009

A year in review- Uppercase!

I started uppercase on 2/11/08 on a whim. I did talk with Sean about it and a few others but generally got the "uh-oh she is going to do something that won't work" response. It's not like those I love were doubting me, but they were trying to look out for me and for that I love them!

However, this year has been FANTASTIC!!!!! I am blessed to have so much work in an less than appealing economy, and I know that is a God thing. I have felt his hand in my business since I heard that small voice asking me to give up control in May. I can't always explain how I know that God is actually talking to me, but I know he was there and was asking me to surrender what I was holding close and trying desperatly to control.

Just a few stats that to me are quite staggering-
-I have 689 customers.
-I lead a team of 20.
-I sold $33374.83 in product.
-I demonstrated at 66 open houses.
-I have tithed off my business each month.

Why do I tell you this??? God is FAITHFUL!!!!! He encourages me on a consistant basis by customers calling, emailing and ordering online. He has been there for me when I feel like a failure and shown me that when I let him in, he will provide!

I know it sounds silly but for me this small business is all about God and family. The two most important things in my life!


Stephanie said...

It's been a year already?! Crazy how time flies! So happy it's went so well for you!

P.S. I'll be calling/emailing within the next few months (hopefully) to order a new little person for my car's window to go with the rest of the family. :-)

Beth said...

You are so good at what you do!! It's great to see you doing so well and happy doing it. Time flies!

Erin said...