Thursday, February 19, 2009


For about an 30 minutes each day I read the updates of the blogs that I follow. Some are really great updates and some send me spiraling towards my knees really fast.

I know that God has a plan. And I know that his plan is for good. I just struggle with wondering why certain families seem to have to endure such heartache in the process. I can't begin to tell you just how much I take for granted how healthy my kids are. I do. And then I think "oh woe is me...we don't own a house, have a shiny new car or the "things" that others do". HOW SELFISH am I???

Maybe it is human nature. Maybe it is more a sinful nature but when I read these updates I am shocked back into reality. My heart actually aches for these moms. I am actually brought to tears for thier situations and am always amazed by the stregnth that I am sure I wouldn't have in the same situation. I just can't believe that they are able to wake up in such a nightmare each day and walk on.

I also pray. The kind of prayer with absolute disregard for what some looking in the window would think. The kind of prayer that my children have grown accustumed to seeing(they will probably fit in a Baptist church quite well). I want so badly for God to move in their lives. For God to use their stories to show the world that he is in control and loves everyone.

So I ask you to pray.

I am particularily drawn to this family. I came upon them through Harper's story. God is using them. Please join me in bringing Veiyah to his throne.