Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Growing on the mind...

I am SO excited to get started with my garden this excited in fact that we have
-growing system(for seedling)
-three new plants growing in the house(money tree, sunflower, and paperwhites)
-and...a few new books and magazines!

(photo from last year..grill is now g.o.n.e!!!!)
If you remember last year, Sean built me two 3' x 12' raised planter beds(measurements are measured while looking out the window).  Well as you can tell from the photo, I had a plan that I thought was going to work out well.  I am glad that I walked blindly into last years planting...I learned alot about what grows well here and what I want to plant more of because I didn't have enough of a harvest.

So...enter the next great idea...Square Foot Gardening!!  It is a book dedicated to helping you grow more vegetables and flowers in less space all the while saving you money(on wasted seeds) and time weeding.  I am thrilled to try this method and will take pictures along the way to document the process.  I think with any luck, and some educated guidance...I will be happier with this years garden!

Now to pray for the warm weather to come quicker :)


Peaceful Chaoz said...

We've got some little seedlings popping up inside! So exciting! Good luck!! :0)