Friday, December 11, 2009

How 12 weeks can change your outlook

My husband is a fighter. 

When he was a pre-teen and teen he was an actual fighter, and his ring of choice was inside the walls of a judo studio.  I didn't know him then.

He is still a fighter.

He fought through the pain that he was in during the time that he walked on torn ligaments to ensure that our family was still provided for.  I had no idea how much pain he must have taken head on.

And he continues to fight.

On Wednesday Sean will go through another step of his recovery for his ankle injury when he undergoes a pain block. 

In the meantime he has fought through another challenge.  His very last weigh in for the local Biggest Loser competition is tomorrow morning! As of tomorrow morning he will have lost 51 pounds in 12 weeks!  Crazy right?  I know!  I had no idea just how competitive he was.  I thought I was WAY more competitive, but he has proved yet again just how much of a fighter he is.  For me...I don't honestly care if he wins!  I am the winner!  I have learned SO much about my husband during these last 12 weeks, and I am just bursting with pride!

So wish us luck!  I am taking the girls out to see the results tomorrow morning at 11:30am so that I can get some pictures!  I am THRILLED to have the opportunity to show the girls that hard work pays off, and will update when I get the results.


Beth said...

This is killin me!!! What were the results?? :-)