Monday, August 24, 2009

Holy Smokes! I can't even believe it!

Uppercase just released it's Summer 09 newsletter and I was starting to read through it...when I got to page 10 I realized that my NAME WAS ON THE CABIN UPGRADE LIST!!!!!!! HOLY SMOKES!

I know...big deal right???

Well....a few stats. 21 demonstrators even earned cruise. 5 got an upgrade... 1000's of demonstrators across the country...

HOLY SMOKES! I can't believe it!


Braff Zackton said...

A sweet cabin on a huge ship! What could possibly go wrong?

Every night in my dreams I see you, I feel you...

Braff Zackton said...

Found a list of the most common perils you face on a cruise. Hope it helps.

1. Influenza
2. Norovirus
3. Staphylococcus
4. Salmonella
5. Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli
6. Shark Attack
7. Giant Squid Attack
8. Seasickness
9. Iceberg Attack
10. Boredom
11. Grade 2 Sunburn
12. Shuffle Board Stick Impalements
13. Limbo Brawls
14. Unattractive passengers posing for nude portraits.
15. Lifeboat Attacks
16. Capsizing
17. Poseidon Adventure like Tidal Waves
18. Massive Sun Screen Ingestion
19. Towel Snapping Eye Injuries
20. Scuba Tank Explosions
21. Evil Genius Weather Machine Attacks
22. Surprise Japanese aerial bombardment
23. Somalian Pirates
24. Shoulder Parrot Attack
25. Eye Patch Related Mishaps
26. Moby Dick like Whale Attack
27. Too Small Bathing Suits
28. Cystic Acne
29. Seal Attack
30. Spouse Murder