Thursday, May 7, 2009

Spring in full BLOOM!!!!


Hollie said...

I just love Spring!!!

Braff Zackton said...

Okay BOMC.

I don't think I ever saw the whole movie and I didn't read the book BUT... I do remember the trailer.

Bridges of Madison County stars Dirty Harry in his last real "middle age" man role. After this movie it was all old, and usually grumpy, man roles. The chick was Meryl (I'm the best living American actress, just read my blog or ask my parents) Streep. Now normally I prefer my Streep stripping(read that out loud) in rivers and being chased by the Bacon(that's Kevin Bacon) in such films as The River Wild(don't worry it's PG13) or dressing like Cruela DeVille for The Devil Wears Prada(Yes I got through the first act before I HAD to change it, but I was home alone and bored), BUT there are a few things I enjoyed about this movie. First, the bridges. These old covered wooden bridges that seem to be everywhere in Madison County, like the Duke boys are all over Hazard County. Now specifically I like how the same style of bridge was featured in the movie Funny Farm(Chevy Chase's second best movie, the best was Fletch 2: Fletch Returns) and destroyed by some lost delivery men. The other thing I like is the focus on bathtubs and taking baths. I think in the trailer they were trying to sell this as a "romantic" movie, so Clint and Streep kept Streeping down and taking baths or something. I'm thinking the writer of the book fell on hard times over the years and had to sell out and do commercials, so that's why the two bathtubs are featured in those Cialas commercials, he just couldn't get the bathtubs out of his head. Anyway I've heard the movie is good but lacking the essential gender I never saw it.

Have another request? Maybe something I would have seen? Not Cool Runnings.